Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rushing around

Last week, as you know was a bit hectic.
On Tuesday I went over to Newark to Crafty Notions for some wool fibres for spinning, for the Art Room.
Talking to Sarah shortly after I arrived, we found out various people we both know.

As a result, on Thursday when I went to the stitching show at the NEC, I took a small parcel to Yvonne.
She was surprised to receive some boucle yarn that was barely dry from the dyepot.

In turn Sue brought me a lovely surprise, a paper bag containing some "Smile" seed potatoes.
It was good to see the other Sue too.

I finally bought one of Ziggy's lucets. I see him regularly at the shows.
This time he was within sight of our stand.
Haven't had time to try it out yet though.

Leaving later than usual worked out well.
The show closed to the public at 17.30, and we stood around relaxing for a bit before dispersing.
My train connections were easy.
But best of all, on the train from Birmingham to Derby the men next to me opened a bottle of red wine, and offered me some!
I've never had that happen before.

Thursday was over in a rush, and I was back to the Art Room on Friday and Saturday to prepare for our first anniversary opening on Sunday.

Sunday was a very busy day. It went by in blur


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