Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Finally ... I got lucky

I haven't had much luck with this computer recently.
Whenever I have time to log in, I find that the broadband connection is flickering on and off, or the virus checking is slowing it all down, and so I give up, and do something else.
Then yesterday, perversely, I couldn't log in to this site.
I've freshened up with a new password, and should be back in business now.

My absence had been noted by friends, that is nice to know.

So what happened over the past 6 weeks or so?
I have been finishing off the items for the three exchanges I have been in.
SP9 is just about done and dusted.
I got a large parcel into the post yesterday for Margaret much later than I had intended.

My "colors of spring" swap, arranged in Germany was great fun (pictures to follow).
My upstream partner was generous. Her parcel however arrived partially open.
It looks as though it was all there. I was most surprised to see that the parcel came from Langen. This is the town in Germany that is twinned with Long Eaton, where I live.
All of this was just coincidence.

My downstream partner Kerstin received her parcel, and was pleased with it.

The third exchange was the Interweave Press "Spin to knit".
Here I am rather slow, as my skeins are still waiting for me to pack them off to Canada.

In turn I received this fantastic yarn sent from the US by Aleeta.
It is a mix of subtle greens/blues and greys.
This was the skein for January, and was influenced by the costumes for "The Lord of the Rings" .

She also sent this skein for February.
In an email, she commented that all her friends wanted this one. I can see why!

In the meantime at the Art Room we are preparing for a Have-A-Go Day to celebrate the first anniversary of our opening a year ago. This will take place on Sunday April 1st at the studio.

We have had able assistance from the local CVS. They have sent us help through the New Deal scheme. Our first assistant finished her 13 weeks in mid February. Fortunately she was able to overlap with the second one for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday was a great day. After attending my lip-reading class I went to the studio to meet Miss Bell who was donating some art materials to us.
No time to take it all in then, but there is lots for us to play with!


Blogger Emma said...

It's good to hear from you again!

I've been meaning to ask for ages - did you get the parcel I sent you at Christmas time?

11:01 am  
Blogger Nittany Knits said...

I've had trouble getting into my blog, too. Glad to see I'm not the only one!

4:44 am  

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