Monday, January 29, 2007

Ten days ago ...

... I intended to keep this blog up to date.
As you can see I have been too busy to do so.

No images to go with these words either!
Some of it is deliberate, otherwise I'm waiting for my camera battery to charge up.
I knew that I should have charged it last night, and only remembered this morning when I wanted to use it.

The past week went by in a blur of activity.
Monday was a great day.
I went to the first half of my lip-reading class and then excused myself.

I caught the train to Derby, and went to pick up my new reading glasses.
So now I can see without eyestrain.
After much hunting I had found frames in a maroon/purple colour that look good on me.
They don't sport the logo of some designer/sports firm etc. which is even better.
(And the overall price was only £129.00.)

Then I caught the train to Sheffield, where I changed onto another one to Rotherham.
A short walk took me to the bus station.
There I boarded a bus to Wentworth, in order to visit Wingham Wool .

I hadn't been to Wingham for about 15 years or more.
This time I was only able to stay for an hour, which concentrated the mind.

I bought plain and coloured merino for felting or spinning (some for myself, some for the Art Room).

But I did find some rainbow merino/silk mix in several colours, that should fulfil a few spinning/knitting projects I have in mind.
The return trip was uneventful, just the reverse of the outward journey, but with a longer wait in Rotherham. that gave me a chance to look at my booty.

Since then I took the rainbow mixes in to the Art Room, and tested out the spinning wheel there. This led me to ordering more of a couple of colours, which arrived on Friday, so no more excuses, I have what I need.
Now I need to buckle down to doing the production spinning, which is a bit boring, as I want a fairly fine yarn. At least Ican do it both at home, and at the Art Room.

Wednesday evening at the Art room, and we had a couple of people in, one of them a 12 yr old boy new to the place.

Then we took in a couple of lodgers.
The family of someone we know has turned out to have allergic reactions to her guinea pigs.
So the two boys (guinea pigs) are with us for a short while. I was there to accept them.

They can't stay for long, as they take up too much of our bench space.
Also in the first few days, I have noticed my sinuses clogging up more.
We are hoping to broker an adoption but will settle for a foster home.

Sunday saw a group of us driving over to Sleaford to the Hub to see the latest exhibition.
Nine of us went in two cars. It was a change for me to go by road, rather than rail.
I still managed to do a fair bit of sock knitting on the journey.

I was the only one who had been to Sleaford before.
We walked down to Cogglesford Mill, and I now have some bread flour to try out.
I also managed to visit Navigation House, which had always been closed on previous visits.

So there we are, up to date, sort of.
The end of January looms, and the ceramics class I attend in Nottingham resumes tomorrow.
Am I ready for it, not yet.

I dashed in to the Castle Museum in Nottingham on Friday afternoon, to see the Wedgewood exhibition, which closed yesterday.
Typically, I hadn't found the time to visit since it opened in mid-November.
It sparked off some ideas that I hope to put into practice starting tomorrow.


Blogger Leigh said...

Well, ten days ago I intended to get caught up on my blog reading, but here I am, still behind :) You have been busy though! Me too, and am hoping that life will settle down a bit now. I hope yours will too.

1:34 pm  

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