Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some recent knitting

As part of SP10, our hostess has asked us to post something about what we are working on.

That is easy.
I have been knitting three different things today.
The first was a hotchpotch of my knitting and some from two other people.
Last Thursday I ran a workshop on knitting with wire (and beads) for the Derby branch of the Knitting and Crochet Guild.
Clearing up at the end, I found one piece of deep purple wire knitted and cast off, and a piece of deep pink wire still on the needles.

Getting up at 05.25 this morning, I grabbed these, 4 dpns and another reel of wire.
On the 06.06 train to London I joined these bits of wire together, and knitted a bit more before casting off. Having done that I reverted to knitting my latest pair of socks.

These are being made from some leftovers, half Opal Hundertwasser, and half Fybrespates.
These are my favourite socks at the moment, and are nearing the point when I have to try them on in order to gauge when I should turn the heel. Not easy to do on the train though!
They are being knitted toe up with a simple short row heel, as I usually do now.
Most of the leg part will be 3x3 ribbing.
I'll change to that when I think that I want a change of action.
Most of my socks are fairly similar in construction.
I just have fun in deciding which yarns to mix.
Having arrived at Olympia this morning for the Stitching show, once Yvonne was there and the stand set up I went to browse, and found some fantastic sequins. Back at "Relax and Knit" I threaded some onto the trailing end of the purple part of the knitted wire, and sewed them on.
I wore the piece all day, and then gave it away.
So no photos, but it looked so good against Chris's jacket that I just had to give it to her.
She always teases me that I never wear the same piece of knitted wire when she sees me.
The clothes might be the same or certainly similar each time though!
Later I threaded more sequins on to the turquoise wire, and cast on a few stitches.
I asked someone to choose a number between 1 and 9.
She chose 6, so that was the frequency with which I placed the sequins.
Here is the piece, looking way too flat for my liking.

I am not sure how it will develop.
I nearly always design on the needles when working with wire.
Watch this space!

I may wear this at the show at the NEC next week.
Of course now I am at home, I have my full range of 0.02 mm wire to choose from.
That could make a major difference.
Who this will be for I don't know.
I will probably wear it initially.

It may then go on display in the Art Room.
I may sell it (if I am lucky), or possibly give it away!
Of one thing I am certain, I will not duplicate it!

The latest socks on my ebony needles are always my favourites, but here are the ones I finished earlier this week.
I grabbed them this morning, and wore them despite not having sewn the ends in yet.
And here are the two colours of Lorna's laces Shepherd Sock that produced this combination. I'm not sure of the names right now.

Today was the first show of this year for me (back to the Art Room tomorrow). It was great to see Yvonne, Nic, Adrienne and Fred. I'll be seeing Yvonne and Fred next Thursday at the show.

Yvonne was wearing a cardigan, that has inspired me. Unusually I have some thick (DK, but thick for me) yarn, wool in a bright purple. This has been hanging around for the better part of 20 years.

I now have some thoughts about how I might knit it up. Must go to bed and think on it!!


Blogger Good Kharma Bunny said...

mary, when are you going to be at the NEC this week.
We might be able to miss each other again!
I'm going on saturday.
( shameless plug) have a look at my blog I've just launched my web site.
al x

7:50 pm  
Blogger m said...

It will be Thursday again!
We have a group visit the Art Room every Thursday, and I don't run their sessions.

Perhaps you can make it to our 1st birthday "Have-a-go day" celebration at the Art Room on Sunday 1st April.

8:35 pm  
Blogger Leigh said...

I love the way you put colors together. And I'll put in a plub for Good Kharma Bunny's website too, it's lovely!

2:54 am  

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