Friday, January 19, 2007

Too windy to signal

That was the state of the weather here yesterday.
We had sudden gusts of wind interrupting the blustery winds we had the day before.
Now it sounds as though it is blustery again.

Thank heavens I only had to travel the mile + between home and the Art Room.
But I did it three times.

We live in a fairly flat place down in the Trent valley.
As a consequence we get letters from the Environment Agency each year telling us how we will be informed if the river is in danger of serious flooding.
Fortunately our current risk status is LOW.

Anyway back to the dangers of cycling when it is very windy.
I find that in order to maintain progress I want to keep in as high a gear as possible.
Yesterday lunchtime I was brought to a standstill as I was going up over the canal bridge, and was caught by a sudden gust of wind.
I had to get off the road and walk a few steps.

Yards later when I came to turn right into our road I didn't dare take my hand off the handlebar to signal, and just trusted that the cars behind me could tell what I was about to do from my road position.
Today was a doddle in comparison.


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