Monday, March 19, 2007

A variable week

There was no lip-reading class today, so I was able to meet with a couple of friends for lunch.

The venue was the Reflections Cafe at the Attenborough Nature Centre, which is just off the road to Nottingham from Long Eaton.

As it was quite a nice day I turned down the offer of a lift from the other Mary, and cycled.
It takes about 20 minutes, depending on wind and traffic.

The reserve is in some former gravel pits, and attracts an amazing range of birds notably waterfowl. The link to sightings will tell you what has been seen/heard there recently.

Tomorrow is the final ceramics class of this session in Nottingham, which will mean that I have more time in my week from now until May. I am going to see some new pieces that will have had their second firing. Last week, the kiln was just cooling down, which was frustrating.

Then on to an evening event at the Beetroot Tree in Draycott , to take part in the launch of artsderbyshire.

Wednesday should be an ordinary Art Room day, or as ordinary as they ever get.

Then Thursday will be the first show date for me, at Olympia on the Relax and Knit stand, promoting hand-knitting and crochet.

Back to the Art room for Friday and Saturday.


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