Monday, January 01, 2007

A good start

After a stormy end to 2006, we woke to sunshine. Last night the wind and rain were energetic to say the least.

During the afternoon, I had triple pegged items to the washing line to prevent them blowing away.
Despite a few icy showers most of it was nearly dry when I brought it in.
Hanging the t-shirts over the edge of the breakfast bar lets the warmth from the underfloor heating in the new (2000) part of the house get to it.

So this morning Ian went out and has been redesigning the area around our raspberries and gooseberries.

I ventured out later to plant out some climbers that have been sitting in pots for months waiting for us to renew some trellising near the pond.

Over the past few weeks we had put up the trellising, and Ian had painted it green to match.
All I needed was enough time in decent weather to do the planting.
Here is how it looked last May.
I hope that this coming May we will have a great display on the trellising to the left in the picture.

Otherwise, travelling to visit relatives over the past week has meant that I have finished off a pair of socks for Ian. All I need to do is sew the ends in and photograph them. I am already halfway through the next sock for me.


Blogger Leigh said...

Sounds like you've been very busy over the holidays. I love reading about your plans and activities for your garden. I miss not having one!

1:55 pm  

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