Friday, January 13, 2006

A mixed day...

Well, I've never bothered with worrying about Friday the 13th, but today has been a rather mixed day.

I woke up once more to find that I only had a harsh whisper.
That is getting to be normal.

In the post I had a letter from UWE (Bristol) to say that the coloured porcelain beads workshop at the end of the month has been cancelled due to lack of numbers.
Then I was thankful for not having a voice, as otherwise I would have been able to book a B&B for the nights before the workshop dates.

I'd much rather it ran, to have the chance to meet with other people working in a similar way.

Then this evening I found what I think is just the yarn to go in a project for my sister-in-law.
I e-mailed Gill at Woolly Workshop to ask about it.
She rang me back, and surprise suprise, my voice was just about normal.

I am still keeping as quiet as possible.

Then an e-mail came asking if I was still interested in becoming a sp7 Angel.
I had messed up the dates, and realised on the 5th January, that I had missed the boat.
I had been convinced that sign-up was to be by the 7th.

So now here I am with a blog that has so far failed to show any knitting, about to take part in sp7 after all.
This should be fun!


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