Sunday, December 04, 2005

A poltergeist ... or a consumer conspiracy?

Over the past two weeks we have had quite a bit of cold weather here.
As temperatures dropped below freeezing, we set off to move my youngest sister into her house in Hoddesdon on November 19th.

Having succeeded in making her place feel a bit like home, we returned to a cold house.
When we left on the Friday, we had failed to put the central heating on for more than a couple of hours a day.
It took a couple of days for the house to warm up to a comfortable temperature.

As it got better, I noticed a strange phenomenon.
Shortly after taking a shower, there would be a strong smell of shower gel in our bathroom.
An amount of gel sufficient for one shower was deposited on the floor of the shower.
This was not the gel that had been used for the shower.
It has now happened four times to my knowledge.

It does seem to me that there is a simple explanation.
Surely the shower gel manufacturers don't know that I am not consuming enough of their products.

In fact, my contrary nature means that I have four different types of gel lined up for use.
Three of these have a sphincter at the neck of the bottle.
These hang downwards from the shower piping.
I assume that the sphincter has been reacting to the change of temperature and humidity, causing it to eject a dose of gel.

Mystery solved, I think.


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