Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What a small world it is...

Well, October passed, and I didn't get blogging properly.
So, none of you will have heard of the intense activity early in the month what with visits to Chelsea and Ally Pally in the same week.

I won a pair of preview tickets for the first week of the Chelsea Crafts Fair.
My aunt, who was visiting from Canada, came along with me.
We had a good time, but the most amazing thing about the visit wasn't to do with the exhibitors.
Audrey came across a former colleague from Alberta who was visiting London, and had just decided to visit the show. Isn't it a small world!

Later that week I did a stint on the "Relax and Knit" stand at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. This was hectic and fun as usual, trying to pay attention to several teenagers at the same time, while being drowned out by the music from the adjacent fashion show.

My hearing aids had had enough, so before the 15.00 fashion show I made an escape and went round some of the stalls.
I spent fairly modestly, knowing that I'll be at Harrogate, and will have a chance to visit some of the exhibitors then.

The following day saw me set off for London for the third time that week.
This time I went back to Ally Pally with Emma and her 4 month old daughter Rhianwen.
I kept Rhianwen company while Emma looked round and shopped.
Despite a missed connection, we got back home happy.
Rhianwen was so interested in the colour and throngs of people, and won many hearts as we went around.


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