Monday, January 09, 2006

silenced .... again

December 2004 was a very quiet month for me.
January 2006 seems to be following suit.

I woke on Sunday with a sore throat and a stiff neck.
I had known for a couple of days that I was getting some sort of cold.
Anyway, it came as no surprise to me that I now had no voice.

No voice again today, but at least I'll be on my own, so won't need to test it.
In '04 I used a whiteboard and marker to communicate at home.
Out and about I carried many sheets of A4 in my pockets and engaged in frantic writing.
At times it was quite comical.

The worst effect was that other people faced with a silent me became near silent themselves.

So today I have time for re-arranging the location of books and plenty more time for knitting!
Back to my normal routine tomorrow, maybe with pen and paper!!


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