Sunday, October 02, 2005

V&A day

Had a great day at the V&A yesterday.
It was packed as usual.
What a pity that it was the last one to be held there.
John Allen didn't make it there either.

Loads of knitting and other textile friends were there.
I saw Heather's Shapely Tee (in the flesh as it were).

Somehow, being in a crowd like that is inspiring.
Even if the ideas that I come up with have little or nothing to do with the slides seen in the presentations or items worn by the people there.

Just had time to pop in to the Hearwear exhibition at lunchtime.

The exhibits are all arranged in a dimly lit area as though they were precious textiles, all just out of range for me to see the detail.

Some really good ideas there though.
I wonder how long it will take to make some of these ideas commercial.
I'd love to have hearing aids that looked exciting rather than just miserably functional.


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