Friday, September 30, 2005

49th donation

I just made my 49th donation of blood on Wednesday.
However, it wasn't in time for me to get to the 50th this year.

Still, it will give me something to look forward to in the early part of next year.

As far as knitting goes this is a busy (and sociable) week.
Firstly, there was the Critical Knit in Derby market place on Tuesday from 5.56 - 6.47 pm.
This was an event in the Derby Moustach Festival.
Several of us from Knitclub (Derby/Nottingham) joined in.
About twenty of us were there during the session.
It was getting colder and dark by the time we parted.

On my way back from giving blood I went via "Yarn" in Beeston to get a couple of balls of Opal Uni sock yarn.

Yesterday I cycled back to Beeston (about 4 miles) for "Yarn"s evening knit and chat session (17.00 - 19.00).
At least I should get fit doing this.

Tomorrow I'll be off to the V&A for the knitting study day.
Couldn't get much better than that could it?


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