Wednesday, January 18, 2006

... and finally, some knitting content!

Not the standard knitted piece for most people, but definitely typical of my knitting.
I made this a year ago for the "Spring into Summer" competition organised by BHKC.
A better view can be seen on the National Design Award page.

It had been displayed in the least well lit part of the competition stand at the NEC.

Much to my surprise it came second.

As with so many knitted wire pieces it is devilishly hard to photograph.

It is even worse if you want to try to draw it.

Other more conventional knitting recently has been a scarf and hat each for two of my young nieces.
A couple of year's ago when we were in Alberta, I ventured into the local Walmart, and found some Bernat eyelash yarn.

At the time I had not tried knitting with it, and thought that it was worth the experiment.

I knitted it in conjunction with some Rowan 4 ply (Botany and Donegal Brights) that has been in my stash for a long time.

For my other niece I was inspired to overdye some beige wool boucle that had appeared in my stash a while ago, most probably from a charity shop.

Together with that I used some more Donegal Brights in a deep purple and some lilac Patons Bouclet (also a charity shop find).

Both were very well received.
It turns out that the lilac set is just right for wearing to school.

The other set was being cuddled as soon as it was received.


Blogger Heather said...

Love the knitted wire, I really must have a go myself soon.

The hats and scarves are lovely too - love the colours!

11:57 am  

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