Friday, August 10, 2007

Lavender laundry .. and other missed opportunities

No pictures, as it is a shameful thing to do!
I took a short cut, and washed some purple things in with whites.

I thought that the purples and one black item were colourfast, and only found out later that they weren't.

That came at the end of a silly day, when I had gone into Derby to run a few errands.
I had plenty of time to go to a fantastic needlework shop to browse.

The previous time I had been in Derby was three weeks earlier to have my eyes tested.
During the test they put drops in my eyes, which left me extremely sensitive to light, and unable to focus properly until the evening.
I even had to find and buy a pair of sunglasses in order to walk back to the station to get home.

So here I was this week all prepared to explore Textile Art Studio in depth, but when I got there I found that it had shut down, the previous week.

Living halfway between Derby and Nottingham means that I often have to choose where to shop for items unvailable here in Long Eaton.
During university term times, I go to Nottingham on a weekly basis.
As a consequence I had been completely unaware that they had an 8 week closing down sale.

It is such a pity when specialist shops close down.
I suppose that I should be thankful that I did visit it, if irregularly, while it was trading.


Blogger Rosie said...

OOh, how very frustrating (both the laundry and the closure of the shop). As I wear burgundy more often than purple my laundry mishaps tend to result in pink.

Thought of you (and that lovely shot you did recently of honesty seed heads in the sun) when I visited the gardens at docwra Manor today. did you ever go there whilst in Cambridge?

9:19 pm  

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