Friday, June 15, 2007

Recently received ...

... but never mentioned.

My SP9 upstream pal (to be revealed later) had problems with a parcel sent to me. No-one knows what happened to the original parcel, but I recently received a replacement:

Here are the goodies.

Then a day or so later, this lot turned up, my Fiber Swap goodies:

Hiding in the middle is a wrap per inch gauge (YellowHeart), then working clockwise some dyed mohair that Lucy found at a local fibre fest.

Again local to my pal is the beautiful brown alpaca. To satisfy my desire to try out some exotic fibres, she sent an exotic sampler pack, that has buffalo, baby llama, casmere, baby camel, guanaco, yak and baby suri alpaca.

There is just enough of each to give a feeling for the way the fibres handle. I haven't yet had time to try any of them out.

To top it off there is a hank of hand painted BFL, colourway Rocky Mountain High.

This is definitely in my favourite range of colours. See this image (taken last week) of a few flowers from the geranium phaeum that self seeds down one side of our garden. I had accidentally pulled this off when weeding, and didn't want to miss out on the sumptuous colour:


Blogger Leigh said...

Wow! What a wonderful goody package. And all the perfect colors too.

6:11 pm  

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