Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dress code

These words are scaring me right now.
In a couple of weeks time I will be taking part in the guest programme of a conference.

Having just received the detailed programme, I saw the heading Dress Code.

I quote: "For the events on the Monday and Friday evenings, gentlemen are requested to wear suits or blazers and ties. Definitely no jeans. A suit, dress or cocktail wear would be appropriate for ladies.
For technical visits and the guest programme, smart casual wear is acceptable, but no shorts or jeans please."

Anyone who knows me will know that since I left my job n Cambridge I live in jeans.
I have smart and less smart jeans for different occasions, but smart casual wear (whatever that is) does not figure in my wardrobe.

A couple of weeks ago I did some shopping, and got some new t-shirts for this event, now it looks as though I'll be faced with more changing rooms, if I can find the time.

So please pray that I can find a couple of pairs of linen or linen mix trousers in the shortest amount of time.


Blogger Leigh said...

Oh my. Maybe you need some velvet jeans, M! *g*

2:06 pm  

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