Friday, July 06, 2007

Cloudbursts ... or steady rain?

This is how our weather seems to have been for a while now.

It is sometimes possible with cloudbursts to arrange life so that you miss cycling through them.

Steady rain is another matter though!

So the garden is neglected and lush, but that doesn't mean that lots of knitting or spinning has been done.
I have had to do washing without recourse to a washing line for the drying.

So for the past few days we have had t-shirts on hangers above nearly every door downstairs.
The wettest items have gone straight to the airing cupboard.

BUT today, I have some things out on the line.
Whether they will get wetted again is another matter.
So, no recent photography in the garden, but just for fun here are a few perfect images from earlier on.

An orange poppy without its petals.

A primula.

A sliced pear (not from our garden)

A summer/autumn flowering bulb (slightly dried out).

I had put aside some bulbs to go in pots for the front door, and they got mixed up. As a result this was left unplanted for rather too long.

When I went to plant it, I couldn't remember what it was, but loved the veining so much that I had to take a photo.

Lots of design inspiration here, for spinning/knitting, ceramics, drawing or even enamelling.

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