Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too much time spent in changing rooms ...

... seems to have netted great results.
The fashions around in England at the moment seem to suit me well.

I always dread looking for anything other than t-shirts.
Having discovered that Long Tall Sally has nicely fitting t-shirts that are long enough for me, I head there first.
This time round H&M also have t-shirts to fit me.

Every Tuesday for the past month I have been shopping for clothes.
About the only thing I haven't bought is shoes.

And when you see these socks on the feet, you will see that I'd rather show them off. I do go around in socks at home though.

I haven't posted much recently, as somehow not having a speaking voice makes me not want to say anything much to anyone.

So I have been out in the garden busily preparing to plant a few things that I bought, and some seedlings that I have been raising in the greenhouse.

As a result, I have been serenaded for hours on end by a bird sitting high up in the cedar towards the bttom of the garden. I am no expert at birdsong, and as it is too high to see, can only suggest that it is a blackbird.

While listening to this, I have been clearing hardy geraniums from an area near the house. It is fairly shady, and as I work I keep on disturbing frogs, and newts.

The second newt I saw was only about 3 cm long (1 1/4"). It would have been hard to miss.

One of the frogs stayed near me for about half an hour. During that time it caught and ate three items, insects I presume. Shortly after munching, one or other of the front feet was raised, and the mouth was wiped - how polite. It even put its tongue out and licked a small piece of coal that was in the soil!


Blogger kathryn said...

It might have been a thrush - they like to sit at the top of trees and have a most amazing and varied song.

9:50 pm  
Blogger Large Marge said...

With socks like that - I'd go shoeless!

3:25 pm  

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