Sunday, June 17, 2007

Not an inch of yarn to be seen !!!!

Yesterday we had rain, again.
The past few days we have had rain, sometimes too much too fast, but good for the garden.
There has been localised flooding, and one local supermarket was closed because of flooding.

It was the day of the Long Eaton Carnival, and the other Mary was there with helpers to promote the Art Room.
I stayed at the Art Room in case anyone was eager enough to visit us straight away.
(We did have 5 visitors, but not as a result of receiving one of our new flyers)

The rain fell, but not during my lunch break, 12.30 - 13.00.
Just as I locked up at 16.00, the heavens opened, and I waited a while before testing my new summer jacket. It was fun cycling through puddles a few centimetres deep, but not so good when I had to walk across sodden playing fields to get to the marquee to see our stand.

Heading for home I got even muddier, walking acros slimy mud pushing my bike.
That was one occasion when walking made more sense.

And when I got home all this lot was waiting for me:

No yarn, but what treasures!
My upstream pal had been reading my blog well and with a little help from Nickerjac all the gifts I have received have been spot on.

More on this later when I have had a chance to play with my goodies!


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