Sunday, May 06, 2007

Losing centimetres (inches even!) in the garden

No, not me, not yet!

After having thought about it for a long time, we finally sorted out the fencing on the west side of our back garden.

When we moved here in December '95, we inherited a fence that we knew would need replacing sometime. Each winter we looked at it, and said "next year".

Well, this time round we had to do something, as our neighbours have a young dog who was gradually exploiting all the weak spots to look into our garden and bark at us (or passing cats).

Steve, Mr Smartfence came on Wednesday, and started the transformation. By Thursday evening it was done.

So here are more spot the difference pictures:

Here we have the quiet green decaying fence on the other side of the original 1920's (?) concrete posts.

And here it is with its posts hidden, and a new, (currently) two-tone brown fence.

This was a brilliant solution. Steve utilised the old concrete posts that were solidly in the ground.

In places he had to drill new holes through them to attach the wooden uprights before constructing a new fence.
Here it is undressed, on Wednesday evening.
The two-tone colour comes about because he had to go to more than supplier to get the right length of palings.
It seems that recently there has been a shortage of fence palings here in Britain, so we took what we could.
It will weather, and then we will paint it green to match all other fences on our property.
In the meantime I have other concerns. This bank holiday weekend, unusually, I am at home on my own.
Great, a chance to sort out SP10 parcels, and engage in the Fiber Swap run by Shelby.
But I have a cold, and woken by a sneezing fit at 02.30, I detected the sound of the central heating boiler (I can hear such sounds without my hearing aids).
After three exploratory trips downstairs, I was unable to sort it out, and dropped off to sleep around 03.30.
Today I have tried all sorts, and am not sure whether I have managed to tame it.
The boiler is spontaneously igniting, whether the timer is set to be on or not.
We never have the heating on at night, so it is even more disturbing.
Going back to SP10 and stashes, I had been looking for blogs of others in Shelby's group, and came across Baseball Knitter's post of April 28th on the way. Now that would have been the perfect parcel for me too.

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Blogger Leigh said...

Well, I thought I liked the older, rustic looking fence until I saw the new one. Very nice! Enhances your lovely garden nicely.

3:40 am  

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