Friday, December 22, 2006

A great celebration ... and freezing fog

We had a great time at the Art Room exhibition.
Everything was ready in time for the opening on Friday.
No pics yet of the display, as I forgot to take my camera in.
It was hard enough to go in without a backpack.
There just wasn't the room to put it on the floor out the back as we had moved in all the equipment and extra furniture.

On Wednesday, I made decorations for the door, inside and out, and the windowboxes.

Thursday was the day of hard graft.
The room was emptied, and we put up the exhibition boards and draped the benches in calico.
Pictures were hung, and descriptive labels were stuck by them.

On Friday morning, I was busy running my monthly CamTAD clinic at my doctor's surgery, so missed the last minute panicking if there was any.

As we opened the front doors to the public at 14.00 our first visitors arrived.
Shortly after 15.00 the mayor arrived a litlte late, having gone to the office and then got stuck in traffic on the short journey to the studio.
He stayed for an hour, talking to everyone, and taking a great interst in the work displayed.

We had a steady flow of people throughout the three days.
Some have shown interest in using the facilities, so we hope to pick up new members in the new year.

This Monday we had to take down some boards, and squeeze in tables so that the evening watercolour class could take place.

Then we came to a major hindrance: FREEZING FOG
Today is the third day, but we have now closed down for Christmas, and will reopen in the new year.
Wednesday was horrible.
I cycled the mile or so six times.
I even resorted to wearing a hat as it was so miserable.
Then I had to damp my hair down to revive the curls, even after ten minutes under a hat.

We couldn't see up to the main road, and any sounds of traffic were damped down by the fog, or drowned out by the sound of the heater.
Only one person dropped in briefly on Wednesday night, and I was glad when 21.00 came and I could get off home.
So last night we decided not to open, and after sorting out some business with Mary and tidying up I was home shortly after 18.00.


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Glad it all went so well x

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