Friday, December 01, 2006

SP9 first parcel

This is my first parcel from my SP9 pal. It suffered a little in the journey, and only one stitchmarker made it to my house.

The parcel had suffered from a bit of dampness, and may have been partially or wholly opened on its journey.

The yarn is appropriately named "Mystery". Apparently there were some fantastic froggy stitchmarkers there too.

The green tea is superb. I'll have to seek out a local vendor.


Blogger Emma said...

It's a bit of a way from Long Eaton but the Mulberries Coffee Shop at the Tall Trees Garden Centre at Bulcote has a fantastic selection of teas and coffees. It's where I used to get all mine from.

It's a shame about the missing stitch markers - maybe there's a knitting postperson out there somewhere.

5:34 pm  

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