Thursday, February 02, 2006

Decaf Espresso?

What's the point?

I just had one of the best eventful mornings.

No need to go anywhere today, so I can rest what's left of my voice.
However, I had some books that needed to be taken to the library for renewal (as I had run out of automatic online renewals).

But first I got started with the washing, as Severn Trent are cutting off our water from 21.00-6.00 for the next couple of nights.

I left home, did my business at the library, and went on to Asda for some innocent smoothies (cheaper than usual this week).

My next port of call was to be Tesco, but first I decided that I'd like to fortify myself with a coffee (the first one of the day).
So I popped in to a new cafe near Asda, and ordered an espresso (in my whisper).

This should have been a simple transaction with me asking for an item, and placing the cash on the counter, then receiving the coffee without further ado.
I wasn't expecting anything more, least of all for the option of a strong emasculated drink.

So, at 12.15 I got to Tesco, and set off to get the couple of things that Asda don't sell.

Passing the vegetables, I saw a beautiful handknit hat passing by.
I whispered how much I liked it.

The lady not wearing the hat turned out to be Victoria Smedley (MoBair).

It was her hand-dyed handspun alpaca and silk mix in reds with a hint of acid green.

That really made my day!!


Blogger Nickerjac said...

What an unexpected pleasure to bump into mobair I love some of her hand dyed

1:15 pm  

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