Saturday, January 28, 2006

Inspiring others to ...

This has been a good week for inspirations, both for me and friends all over the country.

On Wednesday I emailed Kerrie a picture of periwinkle from my garden, and that may have inspired a new yarn colour.

Visiting Nic in her studio on Thursday, we had a feast of colour as ever.

I came away with new ideas for ceramics, spinning, knitting, enamels, you name it!

Nic kept saying "No, I musn't start anything new!".

Then, yesterday, I went to the monthly CamTAD volunteer meeting, held at the DRI in Derby.

After the usual business meeting, a member of the Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service spoke about smoke alarms for the hearing impaired.

I barely said anything during the two hour meeting (due to my whisper).

As I was about to leave I got into conversation with three other volunteers.

They had spotted my Moebius scarf (knitted from the centre out with leftovers of my handspun).

They particularly liked the way that it pops over the head, and lies flat once on.

As a result of the ensuing conversation about knitting, one was going to Strand Wools in Derby, on her way home, to buy a pattern for a cardigan.

She has an aran sweater that was nearly finished some years ago, and now intends to frog it and remake it into a cardigan.

If I had only had enough voice, I would have given her more hints on how to go about it.

Another volunteer was so thrilled by my gloves, that she wanted to go out and buy some self-patterning sock yarn to make a pair for herself.

It turned out that she had seen the WebOfWool
stand at shows at the NEC, and loved the yarn but didn't want to knit socks.

Just think what other projects I could have enabled if I had been able to speak!


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