Friday, September 14, 2007

Sheep and shows

Last Saturday I was at the rare breeds show at the Melton Mowbray cattle market, representing the KCG (Knitting and Crochet Guild).

I took my camera along, but only took a few pictures of sheep busy breakfasting.
I can't even tell for sure which breeds they are.

I think that these are North Ronaldsway. Seconds after I took this, a bit of friendly rivalry broke out, and horns were pointed in a menacing way.

These are longwool sheep. Just think about spinning their fleece.

And these sheep seemed to be waiting for something to happen. It was only 07.15 in the morning, so it was very quiet in the sheep pens.

The rest of the day was fun. We knitted, and talked knitting and crochet with passers-by. The Leicestershire guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers had a stand next us as usual.

SP11 has got off to a good start. I received this little package on Tuesday. It contained the perfect colour of Zephyr (Plum), and a Chibi. I used this to good effect when sewing up a cardigan that had been knitted by a friend of mine.

Yesterday was the first day of the autumn shows for me. I was at the NEC for the Knitting and Stitching show on the Relax and Knit stand. We had fun, and taught several people how to knit.

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Blogger Lloer said...

That Zephyr's a gorgeous colour! I still have a cone of Zephyr in Basil waiting to become something.

I never got to go to the Melton Mowbray show - probably because I didn't find out about until we were in France. How I managed to not know about it having lived in Nottingham for nine years, I don't know.

2:45 pm  
Blogger Leigh said...

Sounds wonderful! I would have loved to have been there.

11:28 am  
Blogger Shh said...

those sheep look so lovely and warm like they need to be attacked with some razors for their wool!!! :) Glad you had a good time at the show, and the chibis come in good use! Have a great week and happy knitting!!

8:55 am  

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