Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jenn's SP11 contest answers

To get her group started, Jenn has asked us for answers to the following questions.

1. What is the one knitting accessory you could not live without?

A pocket calculator for working out quantities of yarn needed/stitches from gauge etc.
It takes so much longer just using pencil and paper.

2. If you're heading on vacation, do you take knitting with you? Ifso, how much and what type of project?

I most certainly do, but it is mainly socks.
I travel light, and aim to take only carry-on baggage when flying.
On occasion I have put my sock needles into my pencil case to disguise them.
Last year at a small French airport there was a long discussion about my then current pair of socks as they were still on the wooden needles, and showed up on x-ray.
I also aim to bring home at least one ball of sock yarn as there isn't usually room for more.

3. Where have you travelled to that you'd consider your favourite spot?

The best places I have travelled to were the Yemen (1992), and South Korea (1999).
A night camping on the beach east of Aden was magical. We arrived after dark and had to pitch our tents by moonlight. There were so many stars in the sky (I didn't bother to sleep in the tent), and we saw dolphins frolicking in the sea in the morning.

4. What is your favourite knitting book at the moment? Do you own it?

Montse Stanley's "Handknitter's Handbook", which I have had since it was published.
I used to live in Cambridge and knew Montse.
Sometimes I had the pleasure of an afternoon at her house talking about knitting and looking at her some of her vast collection.

5. Do you listen to podcasts? Which is your favourite(s)?

I haven't done so yet.
I listen to the radio when on the computer, as it helps to mask my tinnitus.


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How lovely waking up to dolphins! Hope you had a great weekend.

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