Monday, September 10, 2007

Blowing in the breeze

Last week much was going slightly wrong.

Well, here is a success story:

The yarn that I dyed on Monday, still on the line on Tuesday.

And looking a little better from this side:

I'm not sure about a couple of the skeins, and may resort to ovedyeing. They are meant to be fairly subtle in colouring, so I might just wait until I've wound them off into balls.

This was hard to show off, but we have some very tall rudbeckia this year. It was planted a couple of years ago, and vanished. This year it was suddenly all over the place, and is flowering at nearly 2 m.

As it is pushing up into our overladen pear tree, I cut a stem off and brought it in to the front room. Full marks if you can make it out against the cotinus outside.

I did eventually remember to photograph a couple of our floor surfaces for one of my sisters.

So, although you may have seen them before, here is the kitchen/back lobby flooring: a composite tile with coloured glass inclusions.

And this is the bamboo that covers much of the remainder of the ground floor. This is probably quite familiar, as it is the background of many pictures in earlier posts. This is the most walked on segment, just inside the front room. It was installed about 6 years ago, and still looks stunning.


Blogger Shh said...

HA! I wish our floor still looked that good and we have only lived here 6 months!! We try to take care not to drop things on the wood floor and not wear are shoes but it doesnt seem to matter there are dings all over the place!
Your yarn that you have dyed I think it looks GREAT! :)

7:16 am  

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