Tuesday, September 25, 2007

She gave me Smiles

Back in the spring at one of the shows in the NEC, WyeSue handed me a paper bag.
In it were a handful of seed potatoes of a variety new to me, Smile.

We squeezed them in with our other potaoes, but all of our crop has been a disappointment this year. Due to our 3-bed crop rotation, they were in the worst bed this time. This is the driest, most shaded one, near the hedge and ash trees.

This weekend Ian dug out all the remaining potato crop, and it came to just one bucketful. I couldn't see any noticeable Smiles in there. So, it looks as though they never produced a crop at all. We will have to try to get a few to try again next year in what will be a far better position.

Knitting wise, I am working on a pair of socks for myself, that I need to photograph.
I am also untangling a skein of laceweight cashmere yarn, that got extremely tangled up. It is on my swift, and I am having to use my magnifying headband to see to sort out some of the tangles.

Of course my brain is racing away with all sorts of projects. I have a couple of small projects good for travelling. One is a small skein of indigo dyed cotton that I was given, which is crocking, and making an interesting record of the way that the yarn passes through my hands. Next time I work with it, I will have to get someone ese to take a photo.

The other is a skein of laceweight mohair from Mobair that I am slowly knitting into a scarf with two of a set of ancient bone dpn's. This helped me to remain sane last Wednesday, when I was a very short distance from the station at Loughborough and saw my train go. I had been rash in thinking that I could catch that one. The result was that I had to wait an hour, and then it took 45 minutes rather than 10 to get to our station. (The last train of the day doesn't go direct, but rather diverts to Nottingham and back again).
So there I was sitting at Loughborough slowly churning out froth as it was raining steadily in what appeared to be a horizontal way. Earlier I had trouble controlling an umbrella, and it wasn't worth the effort to walk back to get to a pub for the wait.

Now to hang out my second load of washing, to join the lot that has had an extra rinsing of rain. It is showery here today, but not as bad as it was early yesterday when one of the mini "tornados" caused havoc less than a mile away.

Then before I get further sidetracked, back to do a bit of spinning. I have a sample of an interesting wool/silk blend that I want to play with.

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Blogger Wye Sue said...

Sorry your smiles didn't, if it is any consolation mine didn't either...
Will get some next year for you to try...

5:07 pm  

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