Sunday, September 30, 2007

... just missed ...

I knew that it was close to the date that I started blogging, and just checked.
In two years I have racked up 111 posts. That is a lot more than I had expected.
Now on to today's business.
We had a day out yesterday, so had to do a lot around the house today.

The rudbeckia is still going strong, and looked glorious in the morning sun.
The flowers are at my head height. They are interfering with the pears, so I don't mind cutting them, and as you saw already we have had some in the house for weeks now.
This year we planted a couple of blueberries. This one yielded 5 dried up little aplogies for fruit, but is making up for it with a beautiful display of colour now. The other one had one fat fruit, that I cut in half for our cereal a week ago.This charming character was lazing near our pond this afternoon, and unusually made no attempt to move when I arrived. If only we could train these cats to use their own gardens rather than ours for a toilet, I'd feel a lot more friendly towards them.
And here are the promised sock pictures. I started out with the remainder of the red yarn for Sylvi's socks, and tried it out with a ball of rainforest Parrot. It was promising, but lacking something.

Then I tried the Parrot out with this yarn. Again it was promising, but also sadly lacking in character.So I went further than usual, and added them together. Here is the result. Juggling three balls is a bit of a pain, but the result is well worth it. With three strands being carried, it may prove to be a bit thicker at the beginning of the round. I'll have to wait until they are finished, worn and washed to see how it all works out. In the meantime, the effect is just right for me.

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Blogger Leigh said...

Congratulations on 2 years of blogging. It's quite an accomplishment actually. The socks are stunning! Did you alternate yarns, one row of each and repeat?

4:46 am  
Blogger m said...

I was in too much of a rush to post this entry, and forgot to give the row sequence.
The colours go ABAC....
so there is twice as much Parrot as the others in the stripes.
The toes and hees are pure Parrot.

8:38 am  
Blogger m said...

Hees should read heels.
Once again "more haste,less speed" on my part rather than "focus"!!

8:40 am  
Blogger Shh said...

The sock looks really nice. :) and I am jealous yuo have your own blueberry bushes,even if one didnt give anything this year! I LOVE blueberries but funny enough they have to be IN something for me to eat and not raw? hmm... BTW, have you tried to put and merigolds (spelled wrong but to lazy to correct it) around your garden? I am sure that is what my mom said works to keep them away as well as some pesky types of bugs!

9:24 am  

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