Saturday, October 21, 2006

I do knit!!

There has been some evidence of my recent knitting on other people's blogs, but not on mine.

I gave a simple wire piece that I knitted at a recent show to Aneeta when we were at the NEC.
Wye Sue shows it here .
I never got round to photographing it myself.
I was pleased to see Aneeta wearing it at Ally Pally last Thursday.

When I want something simple (I might mean mindless) to knit, I knit socks.
At the NEC I succumbed to yet another colourway of Lorna's Laces Shepherds Sock yarn in Black Purl.
I like this on its own, but as with many of their colours it looks better to me partnered with another colourway.

Here it is, knitted up with two rows of Black Purl and one of Amethyst Stripe.

Not a good image, it was taken in a hurry this morning when it was dull, windy and threatening rain.

As well as socks I have nearly finished off some fingerless mittens, which are still to be photographed.

But in the past few days I was commissioned to knit some wire.

The colours were to go with a handbag in green, blues and purples.
It has dragonflies woven in the fabric.

My friend picked out three shades of wire from those I presented. I then had two and a half days to come up with some jewellery.

I was able to do quite a bit of this at the Art Room.
I won't know until Monday how much she wore, or how.

The image here shows three of the four pieces I made.

The final piece, another small leaf shape, was finished shortly after 16.00 today, just in time to be handed over.

All of them had seed beads added in as I knitted one section of the piece.

The seed beads were a mix of suitable colours, threaded at random on the wire.

This was done by pushing the end of the reel of wire into a heap of beads, and seeing if I could pick up any.
The largest piece looked good on my wrist.

It was quite hard to photograph using only my left hand to control the camera.

At the time it never occurred to me to put the wire piece on my left wrist for the purpose of photography.

I need to have another go at photographing these pieces properly.

I do chose to make pieces that are much better seen for real, especially if the sun is shining.


Blogger curiousweaver said...

Really beautiful work.

1:14 am  
Blogger KnitYoga said...

Those wire pieces are totally awesome! Next time I go into the Pink Palace I shall get you the millifiori hearts that you'd like and send them to you! :-)

6:58 pm  

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