Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Stung, or ... persona non grata

Yesterday I sat down to relax, and then thought that I'd be better off in the garden weeding the onion bed.
That way I might be able to find the onions we haven't lifted yet.
As I went to put some scarlet pimpernel into my bucket for the compost heap, I felt a strange sensation.
I had been stung by a bee on the underside of my right little finger.
It hurts.
I wasn't wanted there, was I?

Tonight I closed the Art Room just after nine.
Cycling home I stopped off at the public library to catch the last few minutes of our reading group meeting.
I knocked on the door a few times, but got no response.
I could see everyone in the adjacent room.

They couldn't see me on the top of the steps, so I went down below the window, and shone my red and white cycle lights into the lighted room.
Several people got up, and waved to me.

I went back to the door and waited, no response.
I tried knocking again, and guess what, no response.
I even tried shouting, and yes you've guessed it, no response!!

By this time the meeting should have finished, so I waited at the door.
They were surprised to see me, although I had e-mailed ahead to say that I'd catch the last few minutes.
They thought that I was just some kids making a nuisance.
What does this say to me?

I suspect I should have just cycled home and had my snack.
It might have been less frustrating.


Blogger Leigh said...

Oh my. Hopefully things will get better! You need to comfort yourself with something special.

3:04 am  

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