Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Licquorice ice lollies ... and yarn!!

We just got back on Sunday from a 2 week trip to Sweden and Denmark.
The (salt) liquorice ice lollies I found both in Sweden and Denmark were great.
A more lasting pleasure comes from the yarn I carried back, pictures yet to come.

Since then I've been unable to access Blogger.
Now, with a new password, I've got in and uploaded the images missing from my last post.

As yet I have no pictures from our trip.
We flew to Stockholm in the aftermath of the bomb plot arrests, and I didn't take a camera with me. Ian let me use his camera when I wanted to.

I had to buy a new sketchbook in Stockholm, as I didn't want to risk losing 6 years of travel sketches if my luggage went astray on the flight.
Usually I carry vital things like that in hand luggage.
In fact I prefer to take hand luggage only when I travel.

There was no question of that this time.
We arrived at Heathrow and queued for over a couple of hours before being pulled out and fast-forwarded through check-in. From there on it was only minutes until we had got through the stringent security, and into the departure lounge.

Just in case, I volunteered my hearing aids for x-ray along with my shoes and passport and vital papers.
We had the shortest walk to a gate, as it was the first one coming out of the lounge, and went straight on to the plane. Then the waiting began again, as all the luggage was loaded. I was in a position to be able to see that both our bags got on.

So, about an hour after our allotted time we went to line up for take-off, and there was a sudden squally shower that made us another15 minutes late.


Blogger Leigh said...

A travel sketch book, what a good idea. You wait at the airport didn't sound too terribly bad. I'll look forward to the pictures.

7:41 pm  
Blogger schrodinger said...

ooooh liquorice ice lollies, that sounds divine. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the trip - glad it was a safe one.

4:20 am  
Blogger Wibbo said...

I like the idea of liquorice ice lollies! I used to be a big fan of Danish liquorice when I knew a Dane - totally different from the sweet UK stuff, but delicious. I grew up near Pontefract which used to provide all the UK's liquorice plants.

10:24 am  

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