Monday, October 09, 2006

Many gifts ...

Going back a few weeks now, we had the new show at the NEC.
This is a smaller version of Ally Pally, Harrogate etc.
I went for the first day only, as I can't take too much time away from the Art Room.

Fred, Sue and Noonie were there and Aneeta was the cordinator on this occasion.
Sue posted a report on this show here, showing Aneeta wearing the knitted wire piece I gave her. It looked so good in her hair that I didn't think twice about giving it away.

Talking about hair ... I had a surprise gift from Sue.
I had been expecting to buy some cider from her, and was surprised when she pulled this from her bag:

Anyone who knows me, will know that I never wear a crown, carry a handbag or wear a PINK dress.
But the hair is pretty authentic, although not yet showing the tinge of white that I see in the mirror.

I have been waiting ages to remember to go out in the garden to show my alter ego off in her natural habitat.

This afternoon I got my act together as you can see.
What a pity I didn't use the flash to get focused images!

The following day I had to go to London to meet up with Elle and Linda, who were visiting from Ontario.

We met up on the steps of the V&A, together with Iris (my mother).

After spending some hours just looking at items on the ground floor of the V&A, we walked up the road to look at Harrods.

From there we took a bus to Selfridges, but gave up after a short while as none of us had any more interest in shops.
It has changed a lot since I worked there in the summer of '69, so I was no good as a guide.

At 21.00 Elle, Linda and I caught the train from St. Pancras to Long Eaton.
This will be remembered by both of them as St. Pancreas for a long time.

Elle surprised me by producing this from her bag:

How she managed to get it here unscathed is a wonder.

Now, not many of you will know that when I first got to Ontario in 1972 I worked on the Lilles farm. During the week I picked and packed fruit, and at the weekend went to market to sell it.

I used to get up at 04.00 to load the van from the cold storage.
Then my driver would take me to Orillia. While he rested I would unload and sell the soft fruit, peaches mainly.

This basket came from one of the Lilles brothers at Orillia market earlier this year.

The wool is from an Ontario concern, Belle Vallee Wools.


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