Saturday, July 22, 2006

... and lost !

It's a day of extremes.
Margaret, Ian's mother, is visiting us this weekend, so we planned a day's outing.

Stephen drove us to the Harley Gallery this morning. Neither he nor Margaret had been there before. The exhibition was last year's Jerwood prize for Metal, which I had seen before in London.

Then we went on to Worksop for a timed appointment at a National Trust property, Mr Straw's House. Ian had been there before, but for the three of us it was a treat. This house was lived in by a family of shopkeepers called Straw. The two sons lived here after their parents had died.
One of them died in the 70's, but the other was still in the house until 1985. The house was still as it had been in the 1930's when their parents had decorated it. There are even bottles of goose greese from 1933 displayed with other groceries.

From there we drove to Thoresby Park, where we had lunch, and looked at the gallery and workshops.

On then to Southwell to another National Trust property, the Workhouse. As we arrived the storn clouds were getting ever closer. We were just crossing one of their courtyards when the heavens opened. An hour and a tremendous thunderstorm later we emerged to find that according to the car, the temperature had dropped from 30.5 C to 17.5 C. What a relief!

And when we got home, we found our rainwater tanks had filled up, so we can continue watering the garden.

Now, by now you may be wondering about the title of this posting.
What was lost?

Not the sunflower, but my voice. Again!!!


Blogger Leigh said...

Hi Mary, you've been tagged! Come read my "I've Been Tagged" post to see what you have to do.

So sorry to hear about your voice! (again!)

2:02 am  

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