Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tagged by Jenn and Leigh

I have been tagged by Jenn for SP8:

1. What is your favourite season of the year and why?

Spring, as it lasts a long time here in the UK.
First we have spring bulbs, the trees put on leaves, and the perennial plants start to reappear, and all the while the days are getting longer.
Most of all, it is never too HOT.
It is frequently too cold/wet/dry, or all three in any combination.

2. Summer is hot. What do you knit in the summer?

I have been spinning silk, linen, and now cotton rather than knitting.
With our hot summer this year, I mostly knit samples of the yarns I have spun to see how they would work up.

3. If money was no object.....what would you buy at the LYS?

Exotic fine yarns such as Habu sell.
I'd love to try Handmaiden SeaSilk, Lorna's Laces fine yarns, and other similar fine yarns.
I'd also buy several sets (5 needles) of ebony sock needles.

4. What are some activities that have become family traditions for your family?

I can't think of any, either from childhood or now.

5. What is the weather right now?

Way too hot!!
I just looked and the outside thermometer has registered 32 C (90 F) in the shade at some point today.
No wonder there are loads of hoverflies in the house (we don't have screens unlike in north America), and it took me two hours to cool down when I went out to the art room earlier.
I am finding myself beginning to lurk in those local shops ( few and far-between) that have air-conditioning, when I go out.


The following list came to me from Leigh:

5 things always in my purse (my backpack, as no handbags here normally!):

1. hearing aid batteries
2. x10 lens for looking closely at things (textiles, jewellery)
3. business cards
4. A7 spiral notebook for jotting down that price or book title
5. studio keys

5 things always in my wallet (purse):

1. Cash
2. Online Guild programme card
3. postage stamps
4. ballpoint pen and propelling pencil that I find comfortable to write with
5. silk sample showing the correct, blueish shade of shocking pinks, to check against yarn, fibres or fabric in artificial light

5 things always in my refrigerator:
1. organic live plain yoghourt
2. cheese
3. carrots
4. innocent fruit smoothies
5. milk

5 things always in my closet (wardrobe):
1. A black jacket for formal occasions
2. Birkenstocks
3. walking boots
4. tops from Long Tall Sally, as though I am short I have a long back
5. secondhand textiles waiting to be remade into something exciting

5 things always in my car (I rarely drive, so with me when I leave the house on foot or by bicycle):
1. my mobile phone
2. library tickets
3. dental floss
4. Derbyshire train timetable
5. water to drink (and an umbrella to protect me from it)

5 things always on my desk (workbench):
1. Vernier caliper for measuring things
2. scraps of various grades of wet and dry paper
3. DAB radio
4. fine cotton yarn and scissors, so that I can tie skeins of yarn, etc.
5. pieces of metal, porcelain, yarn, beads etc. for me to contemplate and play with, and possibly even make something from.

5 People to tag: I'm not sure who to send this to, so feel invited to have a go.


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