Thursday, July 20, 2006

Found ....

I got up this morning to a dull, cooler day, hooray!!

Then, when opening the blind to allow the maximum amount of cool air to flow in upstairs, saw this:

Some "kind" soul has robbed another garden of a giant sunflower, and left it in our garden.

I haven't noticed any giant sunflowers nearby this year, so don't know where it has come from.

The resident teenager was just as astounded when he got up and opened his curtains this morning.

At least it has been delivered complete with a decent root system, so I have given it a bucket of water. I left a message for a neighbour in case she has any idea whose it is, but have had no reply.

Does anyone know what I should do next? I will be out at the time when the school comes out, and it will be most vulnerable.

Last day of term is tomorrow, and a prank like this might be more likely then.

The sun is just coming out now, so we can expect more heat soon. It was a record breaking day yesterday in England, the hottest July day ever recorded. We sweated our way through the reading group meeting in the library last night.

It is just as well that this weather is not common here, as only some shops have air conditioning, and very little accommodation has it either. Unlike on the continent, we don't have shutters to keep the sun out either. So we close the curtains, and open and close windows to get the best indoor temperature. Currently it is 26.4 C (79.5 F) alongside the computer, which is much better than the 31 C (87.8 F) of the past couple of days.


Blogger Sharon said...

Poor sunflower! Very strange find indeed. We haven't tried our beans yet - I've cancelled our veg box for next week so we'll be trying the peas and beans then. They look really good.

I don't actually use blogger - just dug out my account so I can comment on your blog :-)


9:07 am  

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