Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oh, it's 2015 and I'm typically slow in updating

So, as usual things I wish to post about occur to me when busy in the garden, or when I'm walking or cycling around the place.

Now, I was thinking of sharing some images from the cold spat we had just before New Year, but the connection between camera and computer seems suddenly to be lost.
So, imagine if you will, a couple of centimetres of snow that fell on Boxing Day early in the evening.

The next few nights brought heavy frosts, and ice crystals materialised on the snow, most notably on the edge of the bird bath.
By New Year's Eve it had all melted away, but not before we had enjoyed many walks on the crunchy (rarely seen) white stuff.

The first weekend of the year saw me joining some knitting friends at the youth hostel in Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast.
I love to be beside the sea, so took every advantage to nip down to the shingle beach to hunt out some interesting pebbles.
The wind and the tides were high so the seas were dramatic.

The following weekend saw me near the sea once more staying with friends in the Wirral.
The coast was a bit disappointing in the drizzle, no shingle, just dull sand.

Changes are happening at the Art Room as we gradually continue with the development of our premises. Last summer we had toilets installed in the lace factory. We now have connecting doors from the education room into the larger part of the lace factory.

But this week the view from my studio window has changed as the local council had all the trees outside trimmed back.