Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blowing away the cobwebs ...

It's a great blustery drying day (10 C), and I've got a line full of laundry out.
I daren't even think about using the clothes props for fear it will all blow away to the next county (only a mile away)!
Some small branches have been torn from the cedar, as often happens in these conditions.

And as it is too brisk out there to do much in the garden, I've finally remembered to update here.
Since I last posted there have been a few trips here and there. This was to north Wales looking at some former slate mining sites with friends on a very atmospheric day.

Our local council have a tree giveaway in early December, and this year I was in town on the right day. Here are the 5 tiny saplings I brought home with me. They are temporarily placed over winter, awaiting our decisions for permanent placings.

The last of the apples lying on the ground for the birds to eat over winter. Some of these also came in, and became an apple pie.

Then in mid December we had some snow. Over Christmas we stayed inside as my mother was with us, and there were treacherous conditions underfoot.

The Tuesday after Christmas it thawed somewhat, and we ventured out to Attenborough Nature Centre for a stroll and a chance to see some of the many visiting birds.
With the sustained cold weather the Erewash canal froze over, as can be seen by the footprints on the snow covering the ice.

In January I took a few weird and unrecognisable (possibly accidental) photos.

In February I knitted a few small items that went off to friends. This one paused long enough for me to photograph it.

One Monday I was in the town centre and had time to visit "Miss Ellany", a local shop selling all manner of used items of furniture etc. I saw this tiny mug in a cabinet, and asked to take a look. Not surprisingly it came home with me.
 It has images of a small boy with a basket of fishes and two small girls, one knitting and the other spinning. It seems to have been made in Bavaria for the tourist industry in Volendam and Marken in the Netherlands.

Mid February found me in Brighton, volunteering at the stitching show, and getting a little sea air. One night this appeared in the town centre.
The more usual other night time memories are of the Royal Pavilion.
And now it is time to pop back downstairs to hang out the next load of washing ....

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