Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Goodies from "The Knitter"

After some thought, I bought the first copy of "The Knitter".
I had read several comments from other knitters, and couldn't tell whether I'd like it or not.
On finding a copy in my WHSmith, I leafed through it and thought there was just enough to warrant the purchase.

The only time I remember knitting a garment to a pattern with the designated brand of yarn was back in 1963. Since then I usually only look for schematics or stitch patterns to act as guidelines for items I design to knit.
So the majority of knitting magazines leave me bored. So often they have cluttered layouts disguising the fact that they contain little of interest to me.
This magazine had some interesting information about designers, yarn and tools.
AND they tantalised me with a text message draw for a goody bag.

I hummed and hawed, and approximately 24 hours before the deadline texted in. I had just put more money on my phone, and it didn't seem to be too much of an extravagance. (My equivalent of buying a lottery ticket, but probably with better odds I thought).

I gave it no more thought until last Monday when I emerged from a meeting in a venue without mobile reception to find a voicemail message.

Standing at a bus stop on a busy road it took me 3 attempts to make sense of the call. Then my bus came and I had to give up on hopes of making the return call.

At Matlock station just as my train was about to depart I found out that I had "won" all this:

So unbelievable! What are the odds on winning this?

After a bit of argy bargy (as the delivery company only had my home address) it was delivered to me at the Art Room, and I am slowly exploring my good fortune.