Monday, July 02, 2012

Uggh slugs! ... or the trials of a cool wet "summer"

As has just been officially announced, we have had the wettest June ever.
Where we live in the East Midlands, we haven't had devastating downpours, just rather more wetness than we might prefer.
This has meant that our suburban garden has been inundated with unwelcome slimy visitors. 
Here is a close-up of a gathering I took 10 days ago. 
I didn't mind them creeping over the leaves of a lanky geranium on the path, but tonight I was so fed up.
Round about 19.00 I picked 15 slugs, some very large ones included, off the foliage of our broad beans.
Last night I found a couple munching their way through the best bean pod! 

Again, taken 10 days ago, this was to have been the lettuce for our lunch.
I had held back on eating any, as I knew that Ian would be home the following day.
It hardly seems worth planting seeds when this is what happens.

However, it is not all gloom and doom here.
Some plants are reviving as others are being cut down.
Both this clematis and the pink jasmine are giving a better showing than ever.
Perhaps they shouldn't be so far away from the path.
Despite the rain, Albertine is flowering well, and although we have removed slugs from the flower spikes, we have one delphinium giving a pretty good show.

We now have this rather odd double rolled-petalled geranium established safely in an out of the way place.
We have many pink geraniums scattered around the garden. 
Periodically we remove pink geraniums if they get in our way, but this flower type first showed up just at the back door step.
I have kept it there, and attempted to encourage it elsewhere.
This year's hardy and weed geranium flower count taken mid June gave 19 different flowers.
The double one is on its side, bottom right.

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