Thursday, April 03, 2008

Silenced for too long

Silence is fun, but not when it is forced on me.
Yes, I have the first cold of this winter, and as in the past few years it has killed my voice off.
Today is day 9, and I am trying not to put myself in the situation where I have to talk.

This is a bit hard, as I need to be at the Art Room doing things all the time.

In fact being at the Art Room is the norm now.
I did creep away for a couple of days to be at the stitching shows at the NEC and Olympia during the last couple of weeks.

This week we celebrated our 2nd birthday on Tuesday (April 1st).
We had our Have-A-Go-Day on Sunday, and it went well.

Quite a few new people came down to see us, which was good.
The next couple of weeks are the school holidays here in Derbyshire, and we will be running a series of kids workshops.
I will stay on the non workshop side of the barrier coping with all other comers.

Must head off now to walk back to run the evening session.
It is pretty warm, and I can go along the canal towpath knowing that I will be getting a lift back home when we close at 9.

More catching up soon, I promise.