Thursday, August 18, 2011

Showing off a new skill ...

.... at the doctors.
Last week I was up near Edinburgh taking part in the Association of Guilds of  WS&D Summer School for the first time.
Despite having been spinning on a wheel since the early '80s, until this week I couldn't spin on a spindle.
Now that has been rectified, by taking part in a week long spindle spinning course. Fortunately, the floor was well carpeted, as this CD style spindle was dropped many times on the first day. 

At first I felt a bit out of my depth, like these cygnets at the university campus. 

By the 4th day, the 11 of us were on to supported spindles, and the floor was getting messier by the minute.

It rained, and it rained, and my interpretation of these fibres was a muted mix still be to be knitted up properly.

This Cascade spindle, borrowed from Carol and Pete felt so right in my hands.

It is amazing how much you can get done a few minutes at a time!

This morning, I  finally saw a doctor 5 1/2 weeks after knocking my left ankle. His verdict is that it is soft tissue damage, and that I should take a quick course of anti-inflammatories and use the foot as much as I feel like.

Waiting for my appointment I took out my Bosworth spindle and some fibres I dyed earlier this year. Three men watched while the women feigned indifference. 

On my way home I checked out the back to school offers in a few shops, and settled on this monsters pencil case as my Bosworth's new luggage!

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