Saturday, March 04, 2006

Back seat Alberta 1

There has been a big hush here for the past couple of weeks.
Yes, I am still having problems with my voice, but this wasn't the reason.

We had an all too brief trip to Canada from 15th - 27th February.

Funnily enough we had brought the first real wintery weather with us.

This is typical of the way I saw the province of Alberta.

Arriving in Edmonton via Vancouver, we picked up a hire car near the airport, and drove to my aunt's apartment.

We had visited her in Dec '03, so knew the way.

The next day we left and headed to Hinton to see my cousin John.
Hinton is about 45 minutes drive from the Rockies at Jasper.

John and Suzanna run a B&B as well as teaching.
In their spare time they teach skiing.

We had a restful day driving south from Hinton to an area where coal has been mined near Cadomin.

We drove about 15 km along this unpaved road to visit Mountain Park cemetary.

This shows the scale of current day mining near Mountain Park.

Driving back to Cadomin we saw this giant coal truck on the mine road.

The mine at Mountain Park was closed in 1950 after a disastrous accident.

Little remains of the settlement but the cemetary.
The cemetary is well cared for.

In the recent snow little else could be seen.

We had a hot chocolate at the store in Cadomin before returning to Hinton.
The store now caters for the local miners, many of them bussed in from Hinton.


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