Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Lucky dip or nothing ventured ....

Spurred on by the weather forecast last night promising rain and the fact that I'll be away at the KCG AGM at the weekend, I finally got my act together today, and sorted some things out in the garden.

Both of us buy seeds, and they accumulate over the years.
At the weekend, I sorted through them and picked out all that should have been planted before 2011.
They went into two containers, one for flowers, and the other for herbs and vegetables.

Over the past week, I have cleared some of the default pink or white hardy geraniums from a few areas.
Then as I needed to empty some well rotted compost, this has been spread and dug in.

This afternoon I took my "seed soup" and sprinkled it on the designated areas.
It has been covered with a thin layer of spent compost, and gently watered in.

So, what I want to know now, is what happened to the promised rain?
It is nearly 18.00, and so far we have only had a few drops!

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Anonymous Sharon said...

I love it! that's a great way to plant. The ultimate "surprise" garden.

My Mom has been telling me how dry it's been in England this year. Her potatoes didn't do very well and other things just dried up and withered. I'll keep my fingeres crossed for a little rain for you (and for me too)

11:54 pm  
Blogger m said...

It was dry earlier in the year.
Since my birthday, when it rained all day, it has been better.
This past week has been very showery, with mostly comfortable temperatures.
I have planted some seeds both in the garden and the greenhouse in the proper manner.
This "soup" mix seemed better than dumping them on the compost, and then wondering why we got odd things growing in odd places.
I made a list of the flower seeds involved, but didn't bother for the other mix.
Round about 18.00 yesterday I found the only neighbouring cat we tolerate in our garden splayed out on one of the flower patches apparently "hatching" the seeds. I think it was just enjoying the softness of the compost.

8:23 am  

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