Friday, June 10, 2011

Years ago ...

 .. we grew some deep red poppies, something like this, and this year we have the original colour together with some variations in colour and texture. These poppies are all self-seeded, and get pulled up if they are in the way.
I took a petal from the original poppies and colour matched it to a paint card. A year or so later, in 2000, we had an extension built on the back of our house. I already knew before this wall was planned what colour it should be. Here is a petal from this year's poppies placed on the wall to verify how close the match is.
Another item that has taken years to show its worth is this rhododendron. Bought at this time of year, something like seven years ago, it has just flowered for the first time. I had forgotten what it might be like, so this was a pleasant surprise. The first colour showed on 19th May, and it has just gone over today.
The next question is whether I should repot it or just leave it?
And lastly, a quick tally of geranium flowers this year. I managed to find 15 different colours this morning. We do have more, but this is a candid shot taken when most are flowering.

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