Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trips in 2010

This year there has been so much on.
Back in July, shortly after we had returned from Canada after I attended the Knitting and Crochet Guild in Leeds, running a brief wire knitting workshop.

Next on the agenda was the Association for Contemporary Jewellery conference held at West Dean College in Sussex. Ian and I had a brief weekend in Midhurst beforehand. I took part in a couple of workshops, one with Michael Brennand-Wood, the other with Robert Ebendorf  from the US. In both we worked with waste materials, exploring connections.

 The resulting pieces in Michael's session were projected onto the wall. This was one of mine.

 Out of habit, I was knitting with wire in spare moments, attracting some attention. This little oddity knitted in stainless steel with turquoise coated copper wire ended up going home with another delegate.
The following week, I took off down to London for KnitNation. At the marketplace preview there was a mad rush of people to view the Wollmeise stand. Here is someone choosing which Wollmeise skeins to purchase.
On the Saturday night I managed to attend the first 20 minutes of the Ravelry party, then headed home. Seen on the tube, a Japanese girl sporting a lacy knitted hat.

 Next, at the beginning of September I headed north to the Shetlands for 5 day "In the loop II" knitting conference  in Lerwick. Seen on the ferry on the way out, a bright sky. This is one of many images taken on my phone.
 First impressions on landing in Lerwick - plenty of transport for animals lined up at the docks.
- anti gull netting for rubbish bags draped elegantly on a gate.
Seen at 07.40 the next morning, a delivery of fleeces to Shetland Wool Brokers. I was taking a stroll while waiting for the Co-op to open so that I could buy some food for my breakfast.
 People visiting the Shetland Museum. The boy and girl were both wearing interesting knits.
Some typical Shetland scenery taken on a trip on a local bus service. I had a few hours in hand before taking the ferry home, so looked to see where I could travel in the available time.
 The seas were just starting to get a bit bumpy on the return ferry service.
 This is all I saw of the Orkneys when we docked round about 23.00. On the way out I was already in bed by this time.
 The next morning it was still a bit choppy as we came into the harbour at Aberdeen something like 3 hours late.
I got home that Tuesday night , and then almost immediately afterwards it was time for the IKnit London weekend. Waiting for the RHS hall to open there was plenty to keep the eye happy!
So, one day I was in London, Melton Mowbray the next. I took Ian with me to see the Rare Breeds show. Here is a new take on hair brushing!
 There were good things available for lunch.
We chanced to meet our plumber, who was there to buy more laying hens. Here you see the sturdy packaging they travel home in, with other visitors.
And, bringing us nearly up to date, recently some of us from Long Eaton Art Room took part in the Harvest Moon festival in nearby Kirk Hallam. I took along a spinning wheel, and during the three hours managed to interest 6 youngsters in having a go.

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