Monday, August 30, 2010

Colours of August - to be revised

No time for many words right now, but the narrative will follow:

Japanese hydrangeacommon hydrangea
windfall apples for stewing
Echinops ritro
garden chair with lichen patterning before annual washcrocosmia
SLUG!!!! (one of many)Leucanthemum
pears ripening opportunistic mushroom in spring bulb pot
BLUE aphids on roots of dock
ripe mulberries

Now link in to Sue's blog for other August colours



Blogger Tina T-P said...

Beautiful yellow crocosmia - I don't think I've ever seen yellow ones! And what do mulberries taste like? Slugs - ewwwe - don't ya just hate em?

Thanks for sharing your colors with us! T.

8:11 am  
Blogger Annie said...

These colours very much look like August to me! And our 'common hydrangea'is pink!

1:23 pm  
Blogger Life Looms Large said...

I've never seen blue aphids before. Weird, but they are a pretty color!

I'm surprised that lichen can grow that quickly on a chair. Around us, lichen takes years. (Maybe I'm misunderstanding though and it didn't all grow this year.)

I love, love, love hydrangeas, so your hydrangea photos are my favorites!

Thanks for sharing your August colors!


3:37 pm  
Blogger m said...

Sue, you should visit Cornwall, down in the SW of England if you want to see hydrangeas. Some years ago we visited Fowey in late summer, and across the river in Bodinnick there was a festival taking place. The stage set up at the harbour had hydrangea flowerheads arranged to cover the front and sides. I have never seen so many different coloured hydrangeas before.
You were right about the lichen not being all one years growth. Although I scrub the chairs down each year, it grows on in the same places getting ever more noticeable year by year.

5:17 pm  

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