Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Colours of June - Ontario

We started our trip by visiting a vineyard with a wine tasting. This was a common sight for me when I lived down in Niagara in the '70s, row upon row of grapevines.

Walking on the Niagara escarpment, we saw some trees with damaged bark which made great patterns.

Vast skies and power lines, some very new. I didn't get round to sketching these new pylons, just snatched a photo from the car.

These salad greens are growing in a half barrel in a friend's tiny back yard in St. Catharines.

Colourful signage on the corridors at Brock University. This was always one of the great features when I worked there in the '70s. 

We got together with Bob, who had been my boss in the library at Brock and went down to the canal to look for passing lakers. This is the new fencing at the Lock 3 viewing platform on the Welland canal, complete with patriotic maple leaf topping. Not the nicest thing if you should fall against it!

I'm not sure what this is, but it looks like a type of raspberry. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. As it grows in the shade, not the easiest of items to photograph. The colour really zings when you see the flowers.

An exciting display outside a hardware store in Toronto. Presumably this all comes in each night and is displayed again daily. I loved the cards showing the prices for milk, ice cream etc. Click on the image to read all the options.

This amazing moth was lurking by the garage at Pia and Tom's place in Barry's Bay. This proved hard to photograph as there was little light. It was very obliging, and stayed still until I had fetched my camera from the house.

All the temporary bollards we saw had the same format, but with the contractor's name emblazoned on them. This wasn't the best name I saw, but getting such an item in focus from a moving car isn't easy.

A beautiful old car, colourfully painted, lurking near a yarn store with a fantastic name! 

This store is in Port Perry, and we only came across it accidentally, having taken a wrong turn. We were meaning to take a brief break, and turned into a shopping complex rather than up the main road. Coming out of the slip road this was lined up straight in front of us. I called out "We have to stop to see Never Enough Wool". They had moved down a few doors earlier in the year. Ian paused to look at some local history information about the lake, and I took a look at the inspiring range of yarn.

Now to hunt out my colours of July, back home here in Derbyshire.

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Blogger Mary deB said...

The raspberry thing is a purple flowering raspberry! We had one in our front yard last year and it grew so huge it took the whole place over, so this year we dug up what we could and put it in a barrel on our top deck. It is flourishing, but we'll see if it overwinters okay. Ours had about 2 flowers, a bit disappointing!
And that's a luna moth! Lovely!

11:56 am  

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