Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Colours of June ... just in time

Hydrangea petiolaris before we went away.
This has rambled away above head height, and could do with some serious pruning.
Mallows and geraniums that had flowered horizontally while we were away.
My images are all back to front, as I haven't been at all clever with ordering them.

We were busy throughout June.
Firstly preparing for, and then going to Ontario for a fortnight.
This was how the front of the house looked on Sunday morning when we returned from Canada.
The ivy could do with being tackled soon, but it is so hard to make it look good.
The clematis needs tying up, but that means bringing out a step-ladder.

Before we left there were new things to see in the garden.
Here is a rather too tall yellow Sisirynchium that got lost along the way, then moved itself from the back of the border to the front over the years. This is the first good display from it.
As you may know we have rather a lot of geraniums in our garden. A spot check one day at the beginning of the month revealed 15 different colours, most easily displayed in water in this dish.

Berry flowers, I'm still not sure what variety this new bush is. Ian informs me that it is a tayberry or hildaberry. Both were planted the winter before last and are now establishing themselves.

Another gratuitous view down the garden.
At the end of July we will have quite a bit taken off the ashes at the far right, as dead bits had been falling off into neighbouring gardens.
We will have the cedar on the left checked over too.
The last time both these were cut back was 10 years ago.
Again at the beginning of the month the mulberry showing off the flowers/fruits.
I need to add another posting showing some of the colours we saw while travelling in Ontario from mid June. But first I'll link this in to Sue's monthly colour page.

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Blogger Leigh said...

I love that you have blue in June. And I love the magenta color (pink? Purple?? pinkish purple???) Cooler colors for the heat.

5:46 pm  
Blogger Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful colors of June!

I know that feeling of leaving your garden at a prolific time of year and coming back to what feels like a big garden mess with many things to do. (Often I never catch up in those years, but hopefully you'll be better about that than I am!!)

To me, your garden looks beautiful just as it is!

I love the pictures of the geraniums in a dish. I only have 2 varieties....but they are a great plant. I'll have to find more!! You have some fabulous colors!

Happy July!

11:39 am  

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